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We are the Neeps!

by We are the neeps on September 14, 2012

It’s time to improve the well-being of people.

NeoPeopleists know that people matter most, and that our world should — and can — focus on the well-being of regular people. It’s something we can all help with.

It starts with appreciating the people in our lives, and using our determination and skills to reshape our world in better ways — one decision at a time.

So there are things we are doing:

We respect others.
We make and encourage decisions that benefit people.
We talk up the idea of making life better for regular people.
We challenge decisions that benefit only the wealthy or powerful.
When others say that change isn’t possible we say it is.
We remind others that people matter most.

Neeps are people being intentional about showing that people matter most. Anyone can be a Neep — regardless of their social or political affiliation.

From a religion point of view, a person might wish to say “God matters most”, in which case the NeoPeopleism motto is meant as “People matter a lot.”

If you’re a Neep then let us know!