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 Rob Hueniken is a Neep. I am also a writer, photographer and an advocate for people.

I write the blogs NeoPeopleism, and Making More of Today. These days most of my Neep efforts are on the NeoPeopleism Facebook page, so please check that out.

I believe that we can all help to make this world a better place for people.I believe that in the heart of everyone — rich, poor or in between — is the truth that people matter most. (For those who feel that God matters most, the NeoPeopleism motto is meant as “People matter a lot.”)

 Our histories are filled with people working together to overcome challenges. We have all experienced this in our own lives, as part of a family, community or organization. But we’ve been discouraged and hindered lately by a winner-take-all economy, in which there are very few winners.

There are lots of resources and opportunities in this world, and there are ways for regular people to share in those.

I encourage you to be a Neep — a NeoPeopleist — and to help make this world a better place for people — including those who live in poverty, those getting by, and also those who live in wealth.

Everyone’s life can be better when we put people first .  It has become fashionable to be money-focused and self-focused, as if those are the best things in life. But the truth is that people are happiest when they are part of a loving and sharing community. This is also true for wealthy people, who would benefit from being reconnected with community and productive projects.

The message of NeoPeopleism is both positive and simple:
People matter most, and each of us can make decisions that show that.

At the heart of being a Neep is to encourage others, and to do what you can to focus on what’s good for people.  All sorts of good things flow from this, including health and happiness for people and our environment.

Being a Neep is about appreciating the networks of people who are doing their part to make things work. On any given day we see only a fraction of the folks helping our world work, so it’s good to appreciate those people we do see.

You are already on your way to making a positive difference.  Good decisions need one person in the right place at the right time — to remind decision makers that people matter most. Please be one of those people — one of the Neeps.



NeoPeopleism is about people regaining the focus in our world.

Through intentions and decisions, both good and bad, we have created societies more focused on money and things than on people. The result has been poverty, debt and the loss of jobs and human dignity.

NeoPeopleism has no smaller goal than for us to live and work together in better ways that respect and focus on the value of each person. 
The compassion, creativity and capabilities are already in us to do this. We can each make a difference, by making a personal and professional commitment to putting people first.
Together we can make our lives, businesses and world better.

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