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How do we move forward?

Congratulations on being a Neep! (or wondering how to move forward)

Neeps are a new wave of people, making a difference by putting people first.

No matter where you live or what your day brings, there are ways to show that people matter most.

The key is to be intentional, and to encourage decision makers to put people first.

Together we can change the focus of decisions, so that prosperity and quality of life grows for regular people.


Here are some ways to show that people matter most:

Show respect for the people in your life — thank people who help you, and tell them you appreciate their efforts. We are in this together.

Talk with people on the job, and see them as people, not workers. Remember that we are all part of an interwoven network of communities. We are all amazing, imperfect and deserving of a good life, including you and me. 

Recognize when people are trying hard, or having a hard time, and encourage them. Keep the focus on people.

Be on the lookout for decisions being made that aren’t in the best interests of regular people, and voice your concern.

Rally around business people and community leaders when they show that people matter most. We want more of that!

– Talk up the idea that we should be making life better for regular people. Everyone can be part of this, starting now.

– When people say things can’t change tell them they can, and for the better! You don’t have to have a plan, just the confidence, which will spread and encourage more people and better decisions.

Boycott or admonish companies that treat their employees poorly, overpay their upper ranks, abuse the environment or manipulate democracy. They need to get the message: people matter most.

Look for community projects where you can share your skills and time — helping in good ways. Helping others creates joy — for the person being helped and for you. It also builds relationships that you can benefit from.

Dial back the TV a bit, and use that time to develop your skills, health and to work toward your personal dream. You’ll be glad you did.

Tell people to visit this site: We are the

Work toward a new type of prosperity that includes good finances but also better quality of life, health, environment and personal development.

 See past the wedge issues that politicians and business leaders use to divide people, and keep the focus on benefiting regular folks. Stand together.

Be sure to vote whenever you can, and always vote for the person or party who has clear and direct plans that will benefit regular people. Figure out who actually cares about people and vote for them, even if they have made some mistakes in the past.

Remind others that people matter most.  Say it, and live it!


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